A graphic novel that will blow your mind!

“Salsa Invertebraxa is a graphic novel that will BLOW YOUR MIND!”
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“My favorite thing right now – it’s beautiful and so unique!” –

Grant Morrison, DC Comics

“Dr. Seuss meets Darwin, like nothing you’ve seen before!” –

Annalee Newitz,

“Luscious, vivid and intense” –

Lyz Reblin, AICN Comics

“A beautiful book perfect for display or sharing with children.” –

Beth Scorzato,

“It is so beautiful, what a triumph of the imagination!”

-Nikki Meier, Design Junkies

“A definite “must read” for all ages”

-Rose Cimarron, Goodreads
Trust your antennae, this is not a book to miss!

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Mozchops catapults us into a beautiful and dangerous world.
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More info and reviews of the book at the publishers’ Official Website.
AUTHOR: Mozchops
Hardcover (First Edition)
104 pages full colour
Price: $29.00 USD
International shipping per book $11.00 USD   Total: $40.00 USD

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