• star-wars-AT-AT-redesign-by-Mozchops

Looking for Rebel Scum…

A re-working of the classic Star Wars AT-AT Imperial all terrain transport

It’s an icon of the 20th Century and nothing will change that, certainly not my tinkerings – but it was always bugging me how they were so easy to defeat i.e trip over with the shoelaces gag –  so I’ve done some brief sketches – tried to stay true to the classic lines, the intimidating silhouette, the animal-resemblance, the rugged practical machinery, the imperial aesthetics, all while addressing it’s errant stability, (there are 6-leg variations for more all-terrain versatility) cranking up those limited firepower angles, especially on the soft underbelly where those pesky jedi’s play, and if you look closely there’s a couple of places where troop deployment has been tackled, it’s still a work in progress though.

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